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The FC Diamonds & Investments Bespoke Piece service allows you to have a ring, pendant or earrings made to your exact specification, whether you've seen a design that you'd like us to make or have seen something that you like within our range, but wish to make some changes to it.

If you'd like to send us some examples of ideas then please send them via email to:

What's next?

Once we have all the necessary information and we know exactly what you would like, we will assess if we are capable of producing your Bespoke Piece. If we are capable, we will produce a Cad-Cam image for you based on your specification. This will show you how your Bespoke Piece will look when finished.

Once you've seen the Cad-Cam image, we require a £200 design fee before making your Bespoke Piece, the rest of the balance is due when ready for dispatch.

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